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Laser Tattoo Removal – Factors Determining The Cost of The Procedure

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Are you thinking of removing your tattoo? This could be either you were not pleased with the result, or it is the name of your ex-partner which reminds you of your past or any other reason. Back in the days, the only way one could remove a permanent body art was through excision, scrubbing and grafting method among others. Am glad to tell you that with the advanced technology, it is possible to be ink free through the laser tattoo removal. This has been known to be one of the safest and effective methods as far as body art removal is concerned. Am glad you had a chance to read this, and by the end, I promise you that, you will be more conversant with how the procedure works and what you should look for before you undergo laser tattoo removal.

First, you need to identify the best place you can get quality service, and the most recommended place is in clinics owned by plastic surgeons. Having a surgeon do your body art removal is paramount since they deal with related skin conditions. As a matter of fact, depending on your tattoo, surgeons will assist you in choosing the right laser that suits you best based on your health condition. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, always uses PicoSure and RevLite lasers in order to get the best tattoo removal results. Dr. Khorsandi is known as one of the best specialists to get rid of unwanted tattoos. He’s a board certified plastic surgeon and specific questions should be directed to him and towards his Las Vegas, NV clinic, VIP Tattoo Removal. You can learn more about VIP and understand what makes a good clinic.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser treatment is a process whereby the lasers are targeted directly at the tattoo area to break down the ink particles in the tattoo. This is made easier due to the intense light pulse from the laser can pass easily without harm through the upper layer of the skin and then absorbed by the pigment in the body art. After the ink particles are broken down, they are removed from your body by the immune system. For the tattoo to fade completely, one has to undergo 3 to 10 treatments whereby each takes about 15 to 30 minutes. However, the number of sessions is determined by the location of the tattoo, size, color and depth. Another thing about the treatments is that they require an interval of 1 or two months so that your immune system can have an ample time in removing the pigment and also give your skin the right time to recover.

The level of discomfort during tattoo removal is greater compared to that incurred during tattoo application which is very normal. On the other hand, this is not quite a problem since most of the clinic will provide you with some pain relief medicine to lessen the discomfort. Alternatively, you can opt for an anesthetic injection in the tattoo area before the treatment starts. Considering the long-term benefits, one can withstand the little discomfort. After the treatment is done, aftercare is required to keep the area clean and free from infections. This is done through the application of antibacterial ointments which also helps in reducing the chances of scabbing. Despite the fact that laser treatment is considered to be one of the most efficient methods, it is also relatively expensive compared to the rest. Having known that let us now look at some of the factors affecting the cost of the laser treatment, they include:

The Color of the Tattoo

Nowadays you have a variety of colors to choose from which include green, black, yellow and blue among other. However, some colors such as the blue and black tattoo are easier to remove compared to the yellow and green tattoos. Therefore, those colors that are difficult to remove will require extra cost to carry out this cosmetic laser procedure.

The Number of Sessions Required

The number of laser treatment one undergoes is another major factor that affects the cost of the overall procedure. For example, some people might take only three treatments to remove their tattoo completely while others might undergo more than ten procedures. For instance, a tattoo located on a flat area will receive less treatment compared to that one found in the ankles, elbows and fingers.

The Size of the Tattoo

In this case, the tattoo artist might have placed the ink deeper than it should be which makes it difficult to remove. It happens mostly when more ink is used during the tattoo application and due to this reason more techniques and treatment are required to remove the pigment which will cost you extra money.

The size, age and the type of the ink used are also some of the factors affecting the cost of this procedure. This clearly proves that the specialists need to assess the above factor to determine the exact cost. However through the above factors, we can estimate the cost of tattoo removal which ranges in between $250 and $3000. To some people, laser treatment might seem expensive, and most of them will end up looking for standard procedures. You need to be careful as you made your decision to avoid being scammed as well as putting your life in the risk of skin infections and other skin related diseases.

Other Risks

Just like any other treatment, laser tattoo removal procedure has short-lived effects which are very rare. For example, some pigments instead of breaking down might react with the light pulse from the laser and turn darker or at times lighter. In such incidences, the problem is remedied with the following treatments until the skin gains back the standard color. In addition to that, dark skinned people might experience a temporary fading in their skin. Also, in serious situations during the procedure, one might experience a permanent scarring to the skin.

As far as your skin health is concerned, it is important to choose the right clinic and a professional who is well experienced in that field. How do you do this? With the help of the internet, you can only go through some of the reviews by previous patients or ask for references from your friends. Alternatively, you can ask for some before and after photos and videos showing some of the successive procedures. This will boost your trust and confidence as you invest your money in this treatment.

You’re Not Alone If You Want That Tattoo Gone

Tattoos usually seem like a very good idea at the time. They are a way of remembering someone or something or just a method of self-expression. However, it is not unusual to think what seemed like a excellent idea when you were 21, with or without a few beers in you, is not such a great idea when you are trying to cover it up before an interview with a Fortune 500 company when you are 35.
If you can cover it up—great but that is not always possible. Depending on the interviewer, your tattoo can be seen as negative.

Approximately 25 percent of people in the United States have tattoos and eventually half of them will want to get one removed. If people want to, they can have them removed with a laser. However, before resorting to such a procedure, it is important to understand the risks and benefits associated with tattoo removal.

tattoo removal side effect

The benefit is obvious—you wanted a tattoo gone, and after a doctor works his magic with a laser to break up the pigment colors, it is gone.

As the popular Chicago tattoo removal clinic has stated, there are some risks associated with the process as well. Bleeding is a possibility, but with laser tattoo removal it is not common. The process can take a few treatments, so there is a higher chance as the laser goes deeper into the skin, but it is not common.

Much like when you got the tattoo, during the removal process, there is a risk of infection. To combat it, the doctor will give you the cream to apply which will significantly minimize the potential (if you follow the doctor’s directions).

There is also a chance the color in the pigment could change when the laser hits it. This often happens with white tattoo ink (it turns black). Hair could also be removed as well, and there is a risk of scarring and blisters forming as well.

It is rare, but the laser could also trigger your immune system to see the ink as a foreign substance.

All About Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

If you’re a woman, you probably understand how time-consuming applying makeup can be. That’s why it’s not so surprising that the advancement of tattoos has shifted towards permanent makeup via tattooing. The very thought of seeing a tattoo needle reach the peak of my eyelid to create definition and lasting effect makes my skin want to quiver with fear, flashing trauma images of pain and suffering. However, my views on permanent makeup could not be more misguided.

cosmetic-tattooOriginally, tattoo art was something used for many centuries globally, mainly for permanent religious symbolism. Tattoo supplies quite simply consist of needle and ink! The needle will penetrate the skin in a vibrating motion, with the ink flowing through a large metal pen and the artist will be free to draw away as is possible. The process is not a pleasant experience, and there is no other way of getting a tattoo without having to endure some pain.

Tattoos have evolved over the years, lasting longer, using different ink solutions to appear colorful and vibrant for longer and making it is easier for the artist to apply. The tattoo supplies used for regular tattoos are not the same as the ones used for permanent cosmetics. The equipment used is very similar to the ones used for tattoos; the difference is that this was applied topically after the specialist has used an anesthetic to the numb the skin.

The specialist or doctor will use a hollow vibrating needle that injects the new pigmentation into the skin, which at first will appear dark and shiny with the surrounding area appearing red and swollen. This effect is temporary, and patients are often finished in a short period leaving for home on the same day. There are no known reactions to this procedure. However, patients are advised to consider the consequences of going for something like this carefully.

As the tattoo is on your face, patients need to think that once the procedure is final, there is no turning back. The effects they desire will remain for a long time, and there is no opportunity to remove or re-apply make-up. This dramatically alters the way you look, much like plastic surgery or even getting a tattoo on any part of your body; one needs to consider whether this is what they want and know exactly how it will look.

tattMost patients tend not to feel discomfort during permanent cosmetic tattooing. However, some have felt a mild stinging sensation whereas others have felt no actual pain – very different from experiencing a normal tattoo. Some of the more adverse reactions to permanent can be in the form of skin irritation and infection. However, this is treatable and does not leave any permanent damages.

Although this is a permanent procedure, it does not smudge, fade or wash away. Like tattoos, though, they do fade over time, and follow-up treatments may be necessary after a few years to maintain the results. This treatment is most popular amongst women ages 35 and up, however, it is not unusual for men to choose to have eyebrow treatment now and again. The questions people must ask themselves before considering permanent make-up are:

1. Where is the best place to get the cosmetic procedure?
2. Are the results you desire realistic?
3. What kind of equipment, anesthetic, and colors will the specialist use?
4. How experienced is the expert?
5. Will I need follow-up treatments and how long for?
6. What are the effects on my skin after the procedure and will there be scarring on the skin?

This permanent tattoo has pros and cons as discussed below.

The Pros of Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos can give someone better definition on the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and lips. It makes these features pop out as it enhances their shape and color. Going further with this procedure, it can also be used to improve the appearance of the nipple and areola.

The process uses micro pigmentation technique which is very similar to cosmetic tattoo but is less uncomfortable. It has long been agreed to be a safe procedure that has produced numerous successful results.
It is also a perfect solution for those who doesn’t have the time or those who doesn’t like all the fuss when applying makeup. It can also be appropriate for older people who seem to have a hard time beautifying themselves due to poor eyesight and shaky hands.

Getting a permanent eyebrow tattoo can create a better and appropriate shape that will save you from all the trouble of plucking them until they become the arches that you desire. An eyeliner tattoo also adds character and emphasis to the eyes. Adding to this, a tattooed lip liner or lipstick also defines and improves its shape, color, and attractiveness. You can also wear that peachy look all year round by having some cheek tattoos which imitate the effects of a blush.

The use of cosmetic tattooing is not only limited for vanity reasons. It can also be a way of restoring or improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem after suffering from hair loss. Common reasons for this include certain health conditions, medications, and treatments.

The Cons of Cosmetic Tattoos

The disadvantage to cosmetic tattooing is that although it is permanent, it can fade over time. So to maintain the appearance that it had at the beginning, frequent touch-ups would be necessary. The first would have to be done a month immediately after the procedure.

The risk for allergic reactions to the dye used can also be a problem, especially to those who are particularly sensitive to it.
The infection will also be another concern regarding this procedure especially when the equipment used are not adequately sterilized. This is also the why you have to get your permanent makeup done in a surgical clinic instead of a typical tattoo parlor.

There is also a high chance that you might get uneven results, inappropriate color or that it could be too dark. This can be a painful problem because having it repaired or erased would take a more complicated process than putting them on. This is why it is crucial that you only have your cosmetic tattoo procedure done by a skilled, experienced and trained cosmetic tattoo professional

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